Limited Series Skins/Wraps & Covers

Slickwraps’ new limited edition series provide the perfect combination of durability and versatility. The Retro Color Series, Anniversary Edition, Transparent these unique wraps provide amazing grip while giving your device a sleek and uniform finish. Engineered with air-release adhesives, these wraps won’t trap air.

Benjamin Franklin

Introducing the Benjamin Franklin - $100 Bill Art Skin for MacBook – an iconic blend of sophistication and style that transforms your MacBook into a statement piece. Elevate your device with this meticulously crafted skin featuring a stunning representation of the legendary $100 bill, immortalizing the wisdom and innovation of Benjamin Franklin.

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Retro Color

Apple Retro got some new shades with Color Series. Retro Color Series skins are a throwback to a simpler time with the iconic rainbow apple prominently featured in a classic matte finish. With 9 new designs, you can bring that classic look while adding some color to your iPhone.

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Do you love how the inside of your device looks, but don’t want to risk the chance of removing the back and having something go wrong? Then Slickwraps new Transparent Series is the wrap for you! The Transparent Series accurately details the inside of your device, without having to remove anything from your phone. Our wraps feature a back only design and go on with a bubble-free application, as well as a goo-free removal!

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Horror Series

If you are reading this then you are vulnerably unaware of what is creeping up behind you! Introducing our new limited edition Horror series. Who said costumes had to be the only things that are creepy on Halloween? Spice up your device for the eerie season with our new limited edition wraps which will surely satisfy your need for a spine-chilling and hair-raising experience!

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It was the late 90's, a lawless land of JNCO jeans, pulsing electronic music, and F•R•I•E•N•D•S. Gameboys are in every kid's hands as the ISS is being assembled overhead far out of sight. The internet was slow, taking grueling hours to download songs from Napster, and the threat of Y2K was right around the corner. It was in these beige times that Steve Jobs assembled his basket of fruit in the form of the iMac G3 bursting onto the scene in a powerful display of color.

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