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Slickwraps is your premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories. Our products have been featured in many of the top online electronics magazines and techno blogs. Specializing in smart phones and other small electronics, we strive to outclass the competition by selling the highest quality materials at the lowest prices possible. We are constantly searching for new materials and ideas to expand our product line. We provide consumers worldwide with new, one-of-a-kind products.


We pride ourselves in often being the first to come out with new ideas and custom materials, such as the hugely popular iGlowPhone. Another thing that sets Slickwraps apart from the competition is how we manufacture our products and how we procure our materials. Slickwraps, unlike many of our competitors, is American owned and operated. Every product sent out by Slickwraps is made in America and we get as many materials as possible from local vendors. With state-of-the-art machinery and very tight quality control, we can ensure customers that every product they buy from us will be extremely high-quality and made in the U.S.A.

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A letter from our
Founder & CEO

It has been a great few years making the best in skin protection. Thanks to your help, thousands of people around the world are now rocking Slickwraps on their devices.

Our goal from day one was to be the best in protection, while still offering an affordable, stylish solution to bulky cases. Being a consumer myself, I was often disappointed in cases that hid the very essence of a device. I asked myself what is more important, a stylish phone that I could be proud of or an ugly, bulky case that often felt like a brick.

As Slickwraps grows, we will continue to work to improve design and protection while maintaining the true style of the device.

We hope you enjoy your Slickwraps!

Jonathan Endicott