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Slickwraps can also be a perfect way to expand a personal or professional brand. Have a custom logo already? You can use our customization option to create skins for the devices used daily at your business or subtly spread the word while you take calls on a personalized cell phone. Needing more than a simple custom job? We can help with that too! We have partnered with the PGA to help brand the Echo Dot with a Pantone matched logo and photos provided by fans to help celebrate Association Courses. Slickwraps can also work directly with your company to provide custom color and pattern options specific to the brand. Working with drones is becoming more common and wrapping a drone in a highly visible protective skin lets everyone know who is on the job, partnering with Plymouth Rock Assurance we created multiple branded skins for different drones to ensure a uniform look. We also offer a B2B wrapping service for our skins, once the custom design has been approved devices can be mailed to our HQ where we will hand wrap each device for you before it is mailed out. Big or Small Slickwraps has branding all wrapped up for your company!

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Business to Business Branding