Bigger and better things are in the near future for Slickwaps, and we’re excited to share them with you every step of the way!

As we speak, the new Slickwraps Headquarters is being built, complete with all of the aspects necessary to provide our customers with the best wraps on the market. Join us as we take a look at this exciting new step for our company.


Slickwraps are handcrafted and assembled in the heart of the U.S.A. We’ll be making a short jump from Andover, Kansas into the historic, thriving district of OldTown Wichita. Not only is this the perfect location for our manufacturing warehouse, but it’s even better for the new Retail Store we’ll be opening up. For founder and CEO, Jonathan Endicott, that’s one of the most important aspects. “Location. Location. Location. This location provides a great central location and over 30 restaurants within walking distance,” he said.


Just as the design is essential for every Slickwrap, it’s equally as influential for our new home. With the move, we’re converting an 80-year-old abandoned steel foundry into the perfect place for our products and our staff. The warehouse will help Slickwraps to expand the size of our operation and double the size of our team. That means even more products at an even more efficient rate. Not only is the size important, but the atmosphere as well. The new headquarters will allow for the highest possible amount of light during working hours. Endicott said they were sure to incorporate glass garage doors, skylights and tons of windows, as studies find that natural light in a workplace can help increase both productivity and mood. That’s a win-win for our staff as well as our customers! Also included will be an outdoor patio, giving staffers the opportunity to enjoy lunch overlooking the Old Town district.


While we’ve already begun the process of tearing down the old and rebuilding the new, we’ve got a bit more time here in our old warehouse. The team will make its way downtown at the beginning of March, where we’ll have the chance to get settled into our new home. For all the employees, the move is an exciting next step for the future of Slickwraps.

“This is our second move as a company,” said Endicott. “This move allows Slickwraps to continue growing and developing stronger bonds with our team.” While we’ve got a long way to go until we’re finally settled, we’ll continue to keep you updated with the latest news from the Slickwraps HQ. Be sure to follow us on our Social Media pages to see pictures of our new home as it unfolds!