The baby sister of the Note 10 family with just as much attitude and power in a smaller equally stunning design! With up to 256GB of internal storage 4 cameras a 6.3” display and the power to stream from anywhere this pocket-sized device is basically all you need now.

Phones, we would be lost without them it seems. We take them with us everywhere and its arguably the most used and seen accessory people own, but once you slap a case on it they all start to look the same. Be bold, be different let your creativity run free with easily changeable high-quality protective skins from Slickwraps!

We offer a large variety of material options to protect your tiny hand computer like Leather, Hemp, Cork, Marble, Woven Metal, Carbon, Glitz and of course our customizer option lets you really shine! You can even use Slickwraps skins to thematically match devices in your life from the Apple Watch on your wrist to that Nintendo Switch sitting in your bag, blend in or stand out, Slickwraps can help find the right options for you.

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Black Shade skin for Galaxy Note 10 Natural Bamboo skin for Galaxy Note 10 Deep Space skin for Galaxy Note 10 Silver Honeycomb skin for Galaxy Note 10 Forged Carbon skin for Galaxy Note 10 Marble skin for Galaxy Note 10 Red Camo skin for Galaxy Note 10