We took a little heat last year with our April 1 announcement that Slickwraps was going into the condom business.
Some people thought the joke was in poor taste. Some were disappointed we couldn't actually fulfill their orders for the non-existent product.

So this year, we decided to make up for it by launching Contour, the industry's first do-it-yourself maker of wraps for mobile devices. Mobile ELECTRONIC devices, that is.

Small enough to fit on a desktop, the Contour works like a 3D printer, spraying a durable skin made of advance materials directly onto iPhones, Androids and other mobile electronic devices.

Not only does the Contour work quick, but you can mix and match our all of design themes -- from wood and leather to chrome, glitz, camo and glow -- to come up with something completely original.
But just to reiterate, it is NOT intended to be used on body parts.
The Contour has been years in the making. And believe us, keeping a project like this under "wrap" isn't easy. Now we're letting it all hang out.

Heck, we'll probably get our own category on Pinterest. Or Craigslist.
 Still don't believe it's possible? Check out a video of Contour in action at getcontour.io.
It's bonafide. No joke.