To New Heights.

Needing something more than the available wraps, Embry Riddle enlisted Slickwraps to ensure their drone was a matching part of the fleet, ready to proudly fly in formation.

Communicating through a few iterations, we created a selection of wraps exploring color and pattern variations allowing them to choose the perfect look.

Increased Coverage.

Slickwraps was there to cover Plymouth Rock Assurance when they needed to cover their clients. Wrapping their drone in a highly visible protective skin lets everyone know who is on the job.

Variations were created for multiple drones to ensure no matter the region or operator, Plymouth Rock Assurance would have uniform branding as they took to the skies.


The Device.

Selecting the Amazon Echo was imperitive in their display. No problem. We had the wrap measured and ready to go. (If we don't already have a wrap for your device, we will get one ready.)


The Wrap.

After using their specific Patrón Pantone color as a base, we added and scaled their logo for prominent display atop the Amazon Echo which serves as the perfect drink protection.



As this was a limited promotion for Patrón, we mailed them the wraps for them to apply at their convenience. (Need yours wrapped in-house? Ship your devices directly to us for completion.)

Our Clients

Below is a sample of the dozens of clients we have partnered with to create potective solutions, and we're adding more weekly. Clients choose us not just for our excellent quality or speedy turnaround time, but for the experience. From ideation to end production, Slickwraps provides concierge level fulfillment to ensure your wrap is perfect no matter the size or application.

Handmade and Finished in the USA

Have Peace of Mind Knowing We Are Protecting Your Brand in Every Way Possible.

You want to make your brand highly visible among the hundreds of other competitors. When you partner with Slickwraps, you gain confidence knowing everything is done in house. Start to finish, your project will be handled on-site, at all times.

We work 1-on-1 with each of our clients to deliver the best protection solution possible. Need a wrap for a particular item? We can wrap anything you want if we don't already. Simply send us the item and our team will work to create a custom wrap, just for you.
Your imagination is the limit when it comes to customization. You have ability to print millions of colors meaning your design or photo will be perfectly applied to as many devices as you need. Whether using your logo or custom artwork, the color will be rich and vibrant.
With over 60 materials to choose from in-house and the ability to custom print using a matte or gloss finish, the options for protecting and customizing your devices are limitless. Choose from materials such as wood, metal, carbon fiber, and many others for the perfect look.
Our printers are latest generation state of the art. What that means for us is a quality printer capable of keeping up with the pace of our customers. Whether your order is large or small, it is treated with the same care and attention throughout the production process.

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