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Ever wonder what it's like to dunk a basketball or stand in the center of a crowded arena, all eyes on you? With devices like Google Glass, this is quickly becoming a reality! While it has not yet been made available to the general public, last year Google released a beta version of Google Glasses to some lucky "Explorers" to test the waters. Armed with brand new innovation in their hands - or should we say on their face? - Google Glass users have so far come up with some extremely creative ways of utilizing the new technology. From the basketball court, to the doctors office, we're getting a glimpse at what just may be available to all before the year's end. Let's take a look at some of these creative uses: Entertainment Already known for their reputation of embracing technology on the court, the NBA's Sacramento Kings are testing out Google Glass as a new form of entertainment for their audience. Fitting players, mascots and cheerleaders with the device, the team is able to give its audience an all access pass to the court. Whether that be to see what it looks like for a player to dunk, or what the cheerleader sees when she takes the court, the King's are using the technology CrowdOptic to make it a reality. They are then able to feed this video to others using the Google Glass app, or display it on the JumboTron for all to see! Take a look below to get a look at Google Glass in action at a King's shoot-around session. Security Users are also looking at the potential of Google Glass to assist in gathering evidence for law enforcement. The New York Policnypde Department, for example, signed on as beta testers to see how they could use Google Glass to assist in patrols. The ability for Google Glass to record video could be of great benefit in collecting evidence. The on-screen info display could also help to match possible suspects with Social Media profiles using face recognition technology. The NYPD is not currently working with Google itself, but possible partnerships in the future could help law enforcement develop applications that could be specifically helpful, including instant officer access to police databases.  

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So what about doctors using Google Glass? A hospital in Boston is currently testing an application that can give doctors instant access to vital information of their patients. For the last three months, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has been using an information-retrieval program in collaboration with QR codes to see if Google Glass can help organize and increase efficiency in the ER. With a QR code outside of every patience room, the doctor wearing Google Glass can simply scan the QR code and have all of the patients information displayed to them immediately. This includes information such as vital signs, lab results and patient history.   With a limited number of Google Glass devices currently being used, it's safe to say that once it goes public, the creative juices will keep flowing! Users have just begun to tap into the potential that is Google Glass. While all new technology raises concerns as well - specifically safety and privacy concerns when it comes to Google Glass - its apparent that the technology will definitely have its advantages in the future. No official date has been set for a public release of Google Glass, but rumors point to a release sometime in 2014. Information courtesy of:,,,

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