Take a look at how far technology has come in the past century, or even the past 10 years, and you'll see just how incredible the advancements have been! Toting around our tablets today, its easy to forget that just decades ago, you'd need an entire room for one computer. For this week's Throw-Back Thursday segment, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at just how far we've come over the years. Take a look at some of these incredible technology transformations! Cell Phones The first mobile phone to hit the market commercially was the Motorola's DynaTAC. Made available in 1984, this 28 ounce phone would feel like a brick compared to the phone you carry around today! While we may find smartphones like the iPhone or the Galaxy a little bit pricey sometimes - get this - the DynaTAC would set you back $3995. That's almost $8,000 in today's dollars! motorola_dynatac               iphone 5s   Gaming Consoles Who doesn't love the game Pong? This retro game, simulating a Table Tennis match, helped put the first gaming console, Atari, on the map in 1975. Compare that to today, where gamers can literally talk and play games with someone sitting halfway across the world. Not to mention the ridiculous strides made in the graphics department. It's almost uncanny how realistic gaming characters look today! atari              xbox-one   TVs Most people wouldn't think twice about dropping a few hundred dollars on television these days. Look back to the start, however, and it's a completely different story. Although released to the public in the late 1930s, televisions became more widely used in the home in the late 1940s. Take a look, for example, at the Admiral Model 9A111. This television set from 1948 was top-of-the-line technology. With a 7-inch black and white display, and a casing 4 times the size of the screen, the Admiral Model 9A111 would cost you $2,495. That's equivalent to nearly $23,000 today!    1948_9A111_7inch_ADMIRAL_TV            samsungtv   Computers Announced in 1946, the ENIAC, one of the earliest computers, was revolutionary! Operated at Penn State University, this computer was giant. Weighing in at 30 tons, the machine needed an entire room to fit all necessary parts. Compare that to today, and the progress you see is astounding!  ENIAC             SW-MACBOOKS-Carbon-3   What are some of your favorite Then and Now technology transformation? Share below in the Comments section! Information courtesy of: Time.com, atari.com

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