galaxy s5 top photo The unveiling of the Galaxy S5 is just a few days away! The Korean tech company is expected to unveil the device in Barcelona at the Samsung Unpacked event on February 24. Rumors continue to swirl about the specs of the phone. Will it be slight adjustments to the Galaxy S4 or something more than that? The tech giant has already indicated that they are looking to go back to the basics when it comes to the Galaxy S5, but their new teaser trailer for the release has indicated there could be some very exciting additions to the new device. Take a look below at the teaser. What's standing out most to viewers? The clip looks to indicate the the Galaxy S5 may be waterproof! Leaked photos displaying a hatch over the USB Port seem to support this rumor. In addition to the waterproof characteristics of the device, here are a few more rumored specs that fans may see during the unveiling:
  • Slightly larger display, possibly 5.2"
  • Upgraded HD Displaygalaxy s5
  • Eye scanning sensor
  • 16 Mega-Pixel Camera
  • Price point: around $700
  • Leak of Vodafone inventory suggests a Gold phone option
  What do you think? Would a waterproof Galaxy s5 with a 16-Mexapixel camera be enough to convince you to switch or upgrade? We'll all find out exactly what we're in for this Monday! Information courtesy of:,

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