At Slickwraps, we take in pride in being able to offer the owners of electronic devices something different. To tell the truth, it's kind of fun, too. That's the thinking behind the newest part of our Natural Series skins for MacBooks. Bring some of the world's most beautiful woods -- like mahogany, Zebra, bamboo and cork -- to our production facility in Wichita, Kan. Have our employees use precision laser cutters to fashion natural skins that can be easily installed and removed by Macbook users thanks to our patented adhesive. Send them out to world and suddenly every office and coffee shop has a bit of the great outdoors in it. As Slickwraps founder, Jonathan Endicott says: "We were really looking to put something cool and different and unique out there. The real wood is just something to add a little additional class and style. It's kind of a premium product." And fun.