Slickwraps spent two years developing its new skin for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Even founder Jonathan Endicott was growing antsy waiting on the Super Chrome wrap. Blame on it the fact that some components in the wrap -- rare metals -- are just what the name suggests. "A lot of the raw materials that go into it are rare metals," Endicott says. "We just kept running into issues with that." The issues, now resolved, were integral to perfecting the final product. Designers at Slickwraps didn't want the kind "wavy optical" effect that some mirror-like surfaces on the market provide. By contrast, the Super Chrome wrap "is almost just like looking in a mirror," Endicott said. "It's really amazing." Endicott figures guys, with their inherent love of loud, fast, chrome-plated vehicles, are the Super Chrome's primary market. But he won't be surprised if a good number of women fall for the sleek, silvery wrap, too. We'll wait and see.