Just as expected, Social Media has had an enormous impact on the Olympics, both positive and negative. The 2012 London Olympics has been called The First Social Media Olympics, and it's living up to the title. From the get-go, coordinators expected the increase in smartphone popularity and social media to be challenging, and many measures were taken to ensure Great Britain could handle the tech traffic. But even with preparation and anticipation, the overlap of social media and the Olympic games has far exceeded most expectations. Take a look at some Social Media/Olympics Fun-Facts --
  • Olympics attendees were asked by announcers to tweet and text less because it was clogging the network and effecting TV coverage. (Techno Buffalo)
  • 30 additional phone masts have been added to the Stratford area for anticipated phone usage, making it the largest single WiFi spot in Great Britian (BBC)
  • Every event in the Olympics has it's own Twitter account (PuzzleMarketer.com)
  • LeBron James is the most popular Olympic Athlete based on Twitter followers and likes (Olympic Hub)
  • The twitter activity was much less utilized in the Beijing Olympics as Twitter is banned in China
  • From Beijing to London, Facebook and Twitter have exploded in popularity  (Exact Target)
  • Facebook -- 2008: 6 million users; 2012: 140 million users
  • Twitter -- 2008: 100 million users; 2012: 845 million users
  • BBC anticipated 1 Terabyte per second of tech traffic for the Olympics (Exact Target)
  • Several Olympic athletes have been banned by their countries from the games because of inappropriate Twitter remarks, many others have been reprimanded
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