Think of the last time you went on holiday, whether it was the next state over, backpacking through Europe, or maybe scuba diving off the Australian coast. How did you keep your friends and family updated on your trip? Likely these days, with the popularity of smartphones, it was easy for you to keep them in the loop. You can text them, upload pictures online, or call. These days you can even Skype them, and it's like they're right there with you! With easy access like this, traditional forms of communication are rapidly declining and falling victim to newer, more efficient technology. In a recent study out of London, one of these traditional communication forms losing popularity is the post card. O2 Travel, a British-based company, surveyed 2,000 people about their vacation communication habits, and the future of the post card is looking bleak. Of those surveyed, the study found:
  • 16% send post cards while on holiday
  • 45% had never sent a post card before
  • 60% use texting to keep people updated on their trip
  • 34% use Facebook for updates, uploading pictures
  • 29% use e-mail to talk with family and friends
  • 36% thought finding stamps/postboxes was too difficult
  • 10% worried the postal worker would read their card
There was a time when a vacation meant you would be disconnected from the world for a short time, unable to hear news from home or talk with friends and family. Those days are long gone with smartphones in most of our pockets. Not only are you basically carrying around a daily newspaper with you in your phone, you're carrying around a built-in camera and video recording as well. It's so easy to snap a picture and send it through cyber space in seconds, that going out of the way to find, write, and mail a postcard seems almost unnecessary. So will more traditional forms of communication, like postcards, be a thing of the past soon? It's doubtful. While the postcard industry may continue to see a decline in usage, it's not likely that everyone will so easily give up on them all together. While picture messages, video and texting are all much more efficient and interactive, most will still enjoy the more personal feeling of getting a post card sent to them in the mail, even if they already know what it will say! Information Courtesy of: The Press Association, Images:

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