Smart phones are becoming the norm these days. With 90% of Americans owning cell phones, more and more of these users are turning to smartphones for improved quality, internet access and app downloading. But there could be one down side to this higher's yet another way cell phone users can be reached by marketing and spam (despite there being laws in place to restrict unsolicited marketing) , and all of the extra features seem to be slowing down the phone. The Pew Research Center recently released a study unveiling some downfalls to the rising popularity of smartphones. It appears that these popular devices are more likely to cause problems for the users than feature phones, or phones that are not considered smart phones, but still have additional functions to that of a standard mobile phone. So what did the Pew find? Here are some of the highlights of the report...
  • 35% of smartphone users experience dropped calls on a regular basis; compared to 28% of feature phone users.
  • 30% of smartphone users receive spam; compared to 21% of feature phone users.
  • 26% of smartphone users received unwanted sales calls; compared to 23% of feature phone users.
  • 49% of smartphone users consider their download speed slow; compared to 31% of feature phone users
Considering customers pay quite a bit more for the luxury features of the smartphone, it's shocking that nearly half of them are unhappy with the speed at which their phone runs. For now, it looks as if smartphone users will have to make concessions in order to use all of the extra features their phones are made for, until technology catches up. Until then, here are a few helpful hints to help keep your phone up to speed...
  • Clean House: Look through your apps and widgets. Do you have some you added to try and and decided not to use them? Or maybe there are some that were on the phone when you bought it. Go through and uninstall apps that you don't use. This may help speed the phone up just a bit.
  • Check our activity: You may think you've closed some apps, but they may still be running on your phone. Check your task manager and make sure to exit all apps that you aren't using. Once you go over your allotted data, your phone will slow down immensely, this will help preserve your data.
  • Spam Filter: If you have your mail linked to your phone, be sure you've got Spam Protection enabled.
  • Do Not Call Registry: Unsolicited commercial calls to your cell are illegal, but that doesn't mean it's still not happening. If you're receiving telemarketer calls to your phone, you can always opt to put your number on the national Do Not Call Registry. You can find it here.
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