How far technology has come in such a short period of time is mind boggling. It's hard to believe how we ever survived without our cell phones, GPS, and computers. Or how we stayed connected and updated without Facebook and Twitter. You may even hear the cliche "Back in my day..." statements, every once in a while, when we feel lost without them. For David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, this very technology saved him one of his most prized possessions...his iPhone!  Pogue took to his blog, on Monday with a detailed description of the tale. He discovered that he had lost his iPhone on a train ride home. And what would any good tech writer do in this situation? He turned to technology! The two things Pogue needed to recover his phone...the Find my iPhone app and twitter. Find my iPhone is an app offered by Apple that helps you recover your phone with several features. Once downloaded, you can access it through any computer. With GPS technology, the app can give you an approximate location of the phone, as well as leave messages on the phone or play a sound on your phone to help you find it. You also have the capability to wipe all content from the phone for protection, or enable a passcode for entry into the phone ( This was exactly what Pogue needed to help locate his phone! Although the phone was turned off when he first used the app, and no location was found, the phone was eventually turned on and he was able to get an approximate location. From there he took the information to the local police and posted it for all of his Twitter followers to see. Instantaneously, Pogues situation went viral. Twitter followers contacted the police station as well, and helped by giving Pogue information about the neighbor where his phone was thought to be. Pogue's phone was eventually found by the police in the backyard of the location the app gave him. It's pretty safe to say that without the smartphone app or even the help from twitter, Pogue probably wouldn't have seen his phone again!