One of the most popular things to do to your phone is to decorate it. The endless selection of iPhone cases, iPhone skins, iPhone wallpapers and iPhone icons are evidence that iPhone owners are decorating their phones almost as soon as they have purchased one. Although the phones themselves are quite visually appealing right out of the box, nothing gives ownership more than having it customized to your taste. It showcases your personality. The type of iPhone cover you are looking for should not only match your style, but your needs as well. If your phone is constantly in a more aggressive environment, look into cases that offer additional protection. If your phone and your wallet go hand in hand, then wallet cases may be a solution for you. If your phone has a protective home in your bag or backpack, then look into protecting your phone with stylish iPhone skins. Be aware of the differences and the protection that they will offer your phone. iPhone cases offer your phone extra protection. For phones that need element and drop protection, you can purchase cases to iPhone Skinsassist with this. These cases will enclose your phone in a protective buffer that offer padding for drops and protection from weather elements. Your phone itself will be slightly larger due to the extra case around it. For many, this is a necessity to preserve and protect your phone. iPhone skins offer style as well as scratch protection for your phone. An iPhone skin will not act as a case. It is a highly efficient adhesive covering that will protect all surfaces of your phone, except the screen. This covering will modify the color and look of your iPhone while protecting the original surface from scratches. It is a fantastic way to playfully enhance your phone without adding extra weight or dimension to it. Your phone will retain its original dimension. This is important for many electronic add-ons which do not calculate cases into their equations. For example, many iPhone speaker docks do not work well with bulky cases, you have to physically remove your phone from its case each time you want to use the speaker. An iPhone skin will eliminate this problem. At SlickWraps we carry a wide range of both iPhone cases and iPhone skins. While our cases are exceptional, our wraps are truly amazing. Our Glow Series will give your phone the ultimate visual statement in dark rooms or under black light. Our Wood Series will change your common polished phone into something that any nature lover will envy. If you have a design that you want and do not see it on our site, contact us, we can print your custom design for you. Our durable skins will last for 5 years. iPhone skins are a great way to protect your phone while maintaining it’s dimensions. It is a great way to create a new look that makes your phone truly yours. It’s a fantastic way to personalize your device, making it stand out in a crowd from other iPhones. A phone is becoming an extension of its owner’s personality. You purchased your phone because of your needs and desire, let us help you show it off with a design that is a true expression of who you are.