phone theft

Our smartphones are often an essential part of our lives these days, and thieves know it! Smartphones are becoming a top target for criminals, especially in the U.S., where 1/3 of crimes reported involve smartphone theft. Why are smartphones targets?
  • They're everywhere!
  • Small and easily transportable
  • They are expensive and easy to resell
  • They often contain financial information (Credit card numbers, banking access)
  The solution?phone thief Now, lawmakers are proposing a law that would require phone carriers to install a “Kill Switch” on all smartphones, that when activated would render the smartphone inoperable. It would wipe all information from the phone and deactivate it. Lawmakers hope such a bill would deter criminals from targeting phone if they knew they would be useless to them. Some feel, however, that such a law would have more negative consequences than advantages. A Kill Switch could also carry with it the possibility of hackers taking advantage of the technology. Privacy concerns were also pointed out. So what do you think? Would you be in favor of a Kill Switch on your phone in case it was every stolen? Or do you see it as a possibility for creating further problems? Keeping your Phone Safe pin Time will tell if such a bill will make it to law. Until then, here are some easy to follows tips on keeping your phone safe from thieves, and what you can do in case it happens to you!  
  • If possible, keep your phone with you at all times
  • Do not leave your phone in the car or anywhere in plain sight
  • Enable a password or PIN for use
  • Keep record of important details (Number, Model, Color, IMEI Number)
  • Register your phone with your network provider
  • Report theft to police immediately and contact your provider to disable number
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