Just like the ring you had when you were a kid, the Slickwraps Mood Wrap is constantly changing in your hands. From black to green to bright blue, with the Slickwraps Mood Wrap there's never a dull moment for your phone. But have you ever wondered just how it works? It's time to take a look at the science to see how Slickwraps can keep your phone looking like no other. What is Thermochromism?

  • The thermochromatic characteristics of the material is what keeps the "mood" of your phone constantly changing. To put it simply, the phone is reacting to the heat from your hands, triggering different responses based on your body temperature.
Light Reflection and Absorption
  • In every Slickwraps Mood Wrap, there are tiny liquid crystals reacting to heat. When your wrap is sitting at room temperature, these crystals are at a standstill, reflecting and absorbing no light one way or the other. This is why your wrap appears Black when it's left alone. When you pick it up, however, it will immediately react to the heat from your hands. At body temperature, they're likely much warmer than the temperature of the room. Once these crystals sense the temperature increase, they twist. With this twist, the crystal will absorb more green and red, while reflecting blue. This is why you'll immediately see the wrap begin to turn blue. As the temperature cools back to room temperature, the crystals will twist another way, causing them to reflect and absorb light different.
Okay, so maybe the wrap isn't reacting so much to your "mood" but rather how warm or cold your hands are. I suppose your body temperature can still say a little something about how your feel as well. Either way, it's still fun to take a look at what "mood" your wrap is sensing from you. Check out the list of of colors and moods below:


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