If ever there was an incentive to pick one company over another, Samsung may have found it. The top seller of smartphones in the world is now offering to pay their customers for their old smartphones, in exchange for the purchase of a new Samsung phone. The South Korean company is riding off the wave of a record $5.9 billion profit for the second quarter (Reuters), but that's not slowing them down any. With the release of the much-anticipated iPhone 5 just around the quarter, Samsung is working to find creative ways to stay on top, and they're offering money for the exchange of any type of smartphone, including iPhones. The offer is available through the Samsung Facebook page. Customers can get a quote online and then must purchase a new Samsung phone. They have 30 days to mail in their old smartphone, and will then be mailed a refund check. So what can one expect to get for their old smartphone? Let's take a look at some numbers from the Samsung Upgrade Program.
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T, fully functional, no damage) >> $140 trade-in.
  • Blackberry Curve 8300 (T-Mobile, fully functional, no damage) >> $10 trade-in.
  • Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T, fully functional, no damage) >> $140 trade-in.
  • HTC Evo 4G (T-Mobile, fully functional, no damage) >> $40 trade-in.
The possibility prices are endless, with the ability to choose pretty much any smartphone that's ever hit the market. And while Samsung is offering up to $300 as it's highest give-away (64 GB, iPhone 4S), most won't fetch you near that much. Some maybe nothing at all. Either way, it's quite the incentive program. If you want to see what they'll offer you for your phone, you can do so here. Info courtesy of NBCnews.com, news.yahoo.com, samsungupgrade.com Be sure to subscribe to the Slickblogs RSS Feed for behinds the scenes looks from the Slickwraps headquarters, and the latest technology and Slickwraps news!