As the smartphone industry continues to grow, companies are continually battling for dominance of the market. In hopes of setting themselves apart from competitors and becoming the most innovative company to date, Samsung is moving forward with plans to mass produce and introduce flexible-display phones. The technology used in these devices is not a new one, and companies like Sony and Apple have both dabbled in the idea. But, Samsung is hoping they can use their extremely high-profits from 2012 (a 91% boost in sales from a year prior) to pump more money into research and funding of this latest technology. Flexible displays, made of plastic rather than the glass screens seen now, are a much cheaper material and would prevent phone breakage. The material would also make smartphones even lighter than they are now. The idea behind Samsung's Flexible AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screens looks like something out of a sci-fi film, but the reality of it could be seen in stores as early as 2013. Samsung has not commented on any release date for the devices or how much money they plan on investing, but several reports say they are working on the final stages of the project now. Difficulties they may see, however, are in mass production. If Samsung can find a way to profitably and efficiently mass produce such devices, it may mean much cheaper prices on the shelves compared to glass display phones and tablets. Check out the YouTube video from 2011's Consumer Electronics Show where Samsung showed off their flex-screens>> Information courtesy of: Wall Street Journal Online,, YouTube Channel: IntoMobile

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