Apple's iOS 7 is the latest and greatest in the technology world at the moment. With the overhaul of animation and features, this is the biggest revamp of the Apple operating system the company has ever released. The problem is, it may be too good. Reports are tumbling in that the new iOS 7 is making people sick...literally. From motion sickness and headaches to reports of nausea and vertigo-like symptoms, the operating system is under fire by many consumers for being too realistic. So what features are the problem exactly? People are pointing fingers at the following:
  • The Parallax Effects: creates a 3-D appearance of the interface, making it look like the icons are floating above the wallpaper
  • Animations Features: Quick and intense zooming effects and slide animations
While it's possible to turn the motion down, and rid the operating system of the parallax effect, it's not possibly to completely eliminate all of the motion effects. Whether this is a serious problem for Apple remains to be seen. Perhaps people are spending too many hours staring at their screens? But at the moment,  only the consumers can be the judge. Check out a few of the comments that have made their way around the web below.   ios7   ios72 ios73   Information and images courtesy of: the,,,

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