From the heartland to your hands, the SlickWrap process of research and development leads to a wrap of the finest precision in the world! From the moment a new device is in our hands, our team based out of Andover, KS works tirelessly to roll out a new wrap design and have it ready and flawless within a week or two of receiving it. Before our production designer, R&D, receives the new LG G3 this week, he will start by researching the product extensively to understand all of its components. After reaching out to the device’s maker for any information they might offer, including blueprints, he will wait for the product arrival so he can begin to work manually towards producing the mock-ups.Slickwraps Precise Wraps R&D 3D scans and traces the product almost the moment it is out of the box. Their trace will then be input in to the computer software that runs the pressure cutting machines where, just a day or two after having a brand new device, a prototype will be cut and applied to the device, the beginning of the fine-tuning process. Any adjustments to the design will be made down to hundredths of a millimeter. New mock-ups will be produced repeatedly and scrutinized for perfection, until the shape is sleek and beautiful, ready for the testing phase. During testing, Wi-Fi capability, proximity sensors, and connection to the network are all checked to ensure the wrap doesn’t interfere with any of the device’s functions. If, after aesthetic design adjustments and functionality tests, the product is given the go-ahead, SlickWraps prepares for the product launch and before you know it, your phone is wrapped in the newest, hottest design available! We love sharing bits and pieces of our world with you. Do you have any questions about how SlickWraps brings you the best products on the market? If so, share your thoughts with us below!   Be sure to subscribe to the Slickblogs RSS Feed for behind-the-scenes looks from the Slickwraps headquarters, and the latest technology and Slickwraps news!