With the growth of the smartphone industry, it's only expected that phone apps would see the same success. Between iPhones and Androids, there are hundreds of thousands of apps available to smartphone users. Some are very useful, and others provide little more than cheap entertainment, but either way the future of phone applications is looking quite good. With the back-to-school season upon us yet again, we've decided to put together a list of some of the most creative and helpful Android and iPhone apps available to students. Some are free, and others may cost a few bucks, but they may just make your transition back into the school year a little bit easier! Popular iPhone Apps:
  • Drop Box (Free): It's not always easy to carry around all of the necessary classroom material you need at once. Instead of toting your laptop around everywhere, you can store your necessary class and study materials around in "the cloud,"  with the help of the Drop Box app. You can store files, videos and recordings that you need, and have access to them anywhere you go.
  • Sleep Cycle ($0.99): This app will make sure you get the best sleep you possibly can to be well rested for your school day. It's simple, place your phone under your pillow when you sleep. The accelerometer in your phone uses your movement to measure which sleep cycle you are in. The app will analyze which sleep phase you are in, and will wake you in your lightest sleep phase (waking up in this sleep cycle will feel like waking up without an alarm).
  • Study Blue (Free, also available in an Android App): Need access to all of your study materials? This is the app for you! Study Blue allows you to take a picture or speak into your phone to create flash cards. With Study Blue your flash cards will be on-the-go with you, and you can always use your downtown to get in a few extra study minutes!
  • iTunes U (Free): This app will provide you with all of the school content you need. iTunes U will give you access to the largest database of educational content out there!
Android Apps:
  • DroidScan (Free, $7.49 for Pro): Sometimes it's just too difficult to write down everything from board in time, or copy a picture from a powerpoint, but DroidScan can do this for you! With this app you can use your phone to scan or take a picture of any lecture notes, handouts or pictures you need. The app will convert the material into a high-resolution document that you can download onto your other devices.
  • Studios (Free): This app is perfect for students who have a tendency of forgetting to turn their phones of during class. Studios allows you to enter your class schedule into the app. It will then automatically silence your phone when it knows your in class.
  • Alarm Clock Xtreme (Free): This app allows you to adjust your phones alarm to your sleeping habits, so you'll never be late to class again! You can choose to customize your alarm in any way. You can have a gradual alarm or an extremely loud one. You can also adjust the snooze length. Maybe your one of those people who easily turns your alarm off without even realizing it. With Alarm Clock Xtreme, you can even make it to where you have to solve a math problem for it to turn off!
Of course, with the amount of apps available to smartphone users, these don't even scratch the surface. But a few of them may be just what you need to get the school year off to a great start! Information courtesy of: week.com, msnbc.msn.com

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