Everyone is excited about the newest addition to the Android family the OnePlus7 and OnePlus7 Pro, here at Slickwraps we are too! Who doesn’t love a fresh upgrade?! We know a lot of work went into the sleek new design, it’s extra smooth with curved edges and great viewing angles! Our creative team took great care considering the design of the device when creating this new skin for you.

Add some personal style and everyday protection to your OnePlus7 Pro with a custom Slickwraps skin. Like all our devices we offer a range of materials and options from Woven Metal, Leather and Wood to Glow, Matrix, and Color shift. Slickwraps even offers a full customization option for almost every device we wrap from Apple Pencil and Beats Headphones to Playstation and Amazon Echo. So wrap that new device with a custom Slickwraps skin to stand out blend in or to just keep it looking new longer!

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