A new player in the fight for smartphone dominance is in the near future. According to multiple reports, the Finnish company, Nokia, will unveil it's newest smartphone just days before Apple is thought to unveil the iPhone 5. Nokia will likely unveil the phone on Sept. 5, at a joint media event with Microsoft. Apple is said to be unveiling the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12. The new Nokia smartphone will run on the Microsoft 8 operating system, and may be a last-ditch effort for Nokia to survive against its dominating competitiors. Nokia partnered with Microsoft early last year, in hopes of boosting competition against the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. Nokia, who boasted a 40% control of the global mobile phone market in 2008, is now struggling to stay afloat next to the success of Apple and Samsung. Although Nokia no longer releases their global figures, it is thought they have now fallen below 20%. So what could a Microsoft 8 smartphone bring to the table? Some advantages of Microsoft phones include (Insider Daily):
  • Better connectivity between devices: A Microsoft 8 smartphone would allow all devices to run on the same operating system. Instead of having to figure out how to connect tablets, smartphones, and computers, they would already run on the same system. And, with the help of Microsoft's Cloud system, files would be available anywhere and anytime.
  • Compatibility: The Windows 8 phone will have the ability to be compatible with not only new software, but also previous Microsoft software.
  • Usability: The new phone will run on the "metro" interface, as will all other Microsoft devices, so there will be no need to learn more than one operating system.
Nokia is phasing out their own operating system, Symbian, in favor of its partnership with Microsoft. The partners already released the Nokia Lumina 900 last April, but with several bugs from the start, it did not live up to the hype or competition. The hopes are that the newest smartphone will gain popularity with the introduction of the Microsoft 8 operating system. It is also thought that Nokia may be unveiling it's latest tablet at the media event as well. Information Courtesy of: Reuters, Yahoo news, BBC News, The Examiner, Insider Daily

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