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You read that right, $25! On the eve of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Mozilla unveiled the prototype of a new smartphone to run on Firefox OS that will provide customers with the smartphone options at a fraction of the normal price. The non-profit foundation will be partnering with Chinese chip designer Spreadtrum Communications to make it a reality. Now the phone won't come close to the features or speed of an iPhone or Android device, and it certainly won't catch the attention of tech lovers, but that's not the audience the Mozilla is looking to target. Mozilla is looking to target developing markets with the feature phone. So what does the $25 phone have to offer customers? The phone will feature a touch screen display, allowing users access to the web as well as applications. Apart from Mozilla's announcement of the new device, there were and still will be plenty of new devices unveiled at thenokia new World Mobile Congress event. Take a look at some of the top unveilings or expected unveilings:
  • Sony Xperia Z2 (coined "Worlds Thinnest Tablet")
  • Galaxy S5 as well as new line of Samsung Tablets, Galaxy Gear 2
  • Nokia X (Nokia's first Android phone)
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