The opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics is finally upon us! Tonight millions of people will be tuning in to watch the much anticipated Opening Ceremony, and if your excited watching at home, image the hype that will be coming from the Olympic Stadium. Thousands of texts, social network updates and picture messages will surely be sent all at once from the Stadium, and millions from the surrounding area, and many wonder if the communication services can cope. Mobile operators and the BT, the official communications parter for the Olympics, are confident they can.

To manage, 30 additional phone masts have been added to the Stratford area, according to reports from the BBC, making it one of the largest isolated wi-fi zones in Great Britain. Fourteen of the 30 will be specified for inside the stadium. These extra masts will  be shared between the big mobile operators, to help maintain service for spectators and residents in the area as they share their experiences from their smartphones to friends around the world.

Assurance may be boosted from the fact that an enormous event like this isn't unfamiliar to the London area. Stuart Newstead, the person directing operations between big mobile operators and BT, was quoted by BBC to be confident that the Olympics will be similar in response to that of the Royal Wedding last year. Millions around the world tuned in to watch the Royal festivities last April, a huge tourism boost for the island nation, similar to the response the Olympics will have.

Coordinators are expecting from 200,000 to 300,000 people in the stadium area at any time, and according to the BBC, peak traffic is expected to be 1.7 GB per second. That's like sending 100 pictures per second from an iPhone 4S.

Now that preparations are in place, all everyone can do is wait to see if telecommunication services can hold up, sit back and enjoy the ceremony!