cortana-windows-phone First, there was Siri for the iPhone and then Google Now for Android. Soon, there will be a new digital assistant available for Windows phones. Previously Windows only offered Bing as a search engine but with their upcoming digital assistant named Cortana, they'll be offering their own attempt at giving users the best of both worlds. Microsoft's goal with Cortana was to deliver the personality of Siri with the predictive power of Google Now but with a more personal touch. They actually took the time to speak with high-level personal assistants to find out what techniques they use, one of the techniques was carrying a notebook with all of the interests and important information regarding their clients. Windows has applied this concept to Cortana which will be featured on their Windows 8.1 update scheduled to be available this summer. The notebook will take in information from user habits and searches, everything it knows is shown to the user, who can then decide what they do or do not want Cortana to know.   662165176646925128   Cortana also features contextual reminders, for example, you can set a reminder for it to ask your sister about her new dog the next time you speak, whether it be by call, text or even email. Cortana can also work with other apps and add specific shows to your Hulu Plus queue just by telling it to. There is also the ability to set quiet times as on other digital assistants but Cortana will allow those important texts or calls from your inner circle to come through. There are so many options it really seems like Windows is going in the right direction with this, what are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below!   Information courtesy of:,

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