mastercard Ever taken a trip abroad, to soon find your card has been blocked due to unusual activity? Even when you inform your card company beforehand, these things sometimes happen. Mastercard is now looking into an anti-fraud solution to sideline this problem. Using location technology, Mastercard would provide its customers with an opt-in service that could inform the card company where you are based on your phone's location. If someone using your card in a foreign country, the service would check the location of the cardholders phone to insure it is in the same location as the card. The service, in cooperation with Syniverse, would be able to locate the phone based on signal, excluding the need for mobile data. When signing on, customers would have the opportunity to designate a phone for the card holder. Mastercard hopes to offer the service through different outlets, including banks, card providers and phone networks.

In this day and age, phones are vital to our everyday lives. Along with new technologies like the one Mastercard is suggesting, there are also apps you can use to protect information on your phone. Take a look at some of the popular security apps below.

  • Lookout Mobile Security (Android) - This app has several protection features. Along with an anti-virus that will scan all downloaded apps, it also includes a backup features for things like contacts and photos, as well as a location feature. This feature can help sound an alarm on your phone or even wipe the phone in the case of theft.
  • Keep Safe (iOS) - Keep Safe will help protect the media on your phone. It has a 4-pin feature that will lock away all photos and videos that have been imported into the app. It will also allow you to use a private camera feature, which sends photos directly to your vault.
  • LastPass (Android, iOS) - This application will help protect the array of passwords on your phone behind a master password. It will also protect credit card information. You can also protect media and text with the app.
  • TigerText (Android, iOS) - Ever wanted to destroy a message you sent that has sensitive information? This app allows you to put a time limit on how long a message can be seen before it is destroyed. It allows you to see when a message has been received, read and will let you recall the messages at any time.
These don't even scratch the surface of protection and security apps out there on the market. Some cost a bit more while others are free, but they all have the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to protecting your phone. What are some of your favorite security apps you've installed? Information courtesy of:,,

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