For only the second time in the history, I installed a public beta of iOS. I installed iOS 6 when it was first announced and while that wasn’t a terrible experience, there were some things about that release that I didn’t want to relive. However, after watching the keynote presented at WWDC yesterday, I knew I wanted to get my hands on iOS 7 as early as possible. After some scrambling to download the iOS7 Beta I finally installed it. WOW! It was fast! The upgrade itself took less than 2 minutes. FASTEST.iOS.INSTALL.EVER The restore took a bit longer, about 10 minutes to restore all my settings (not my apps) from a local backup. I could have done an iCloud restore, but for these things, I like the local backup. It holds on to more information. But, I do still use iCloud for general backups. One thing that upset me was that it took an additional 10-20 minutes to re-download Apps and I really needed Wunderlist for a meeting update.

New Look and Feel

A lot of people are complaining about the new flattened look of iOS 7. Textures are gone that have been the mainstay of the iOS platform since the beginning of the iPhone. The App icons are all re-designed with brighter colors, and opacity is used throughout the system. Sure, it’s a change, but as of all things new, people will adjust. My only complaint is the SUPER high-contrast text palette. I’d like Apple to provide some other options that may not be as painful to look at.  


Already there have been several complaints from users regarding software flaws. I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of bugs using this upgrade, but that’s what you sign up for when you use a developer release. One bug in particular I’ve noticed is the systems inability to handle app dragging from a folder onto the main desktop. Try this and your entire operating system is likely to crash. Even a simple photo and caption upload onto Facebook is too much for this OS. While dealing with these system failings may be frustrating at times, it’s a huge part of our role as beta testers. So there you have it, a first look at Apple’s newly designed iOS 7. What are your thoughts on the system?   --Jonathan Endicott, Slickwraps CEO    

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