It's Apple season, and here at Slickwraps, we know what that means! The time has finally arrived for Apple to unveil the newest additions to the iPhone family, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Improving upon some much-needed aspects like extended battery life on all models, the triple camera system on the 11 Pro and Pro Max with some pretty advanced photo editing capabilities and 4K video recording for all iPhone 11 models. We are so excited about all the creative things we will see coming from iPhone users in the following months.

Apple put so many improvements into the core of the phone, but sadly not much was done with the design of the casing itself. With only 4 color options for the flagship models and 6 for the standard, finding something that fits your style might not be easy. Don’t worry, Slickwraps has you covered! A Slickwraps skin helps maintain the shape and design of your device but also protects the surfaces from unsightly dings and scratches.

Slickwraps offers a wide range of materials to choose from for your iPhone wraps like Woven Metal, Honeycomb, Forged Carbon, Leather, Deep Space, and even Wood. Device skins from Slickwraps offer signature 3M technology with easy bubble-free installation and goo-free removal so changing your wrap is always quick and easy! Slickwraps website also offers a design your own option, so you can fully customize the look of that new iPhone 11, Pro or Pro Max to perfectly fit you. Device wraps are available for order now so you can be ready to protect your new iPhone in style as soon as it comes out of the box!

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins/Wraps

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Skins/Wraps

Apple iPhone 11 Skins/Wraps


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