For all you iPhone lovers out there, the 12th of September may want to be marked on your calendars! Although Apple has made no official announcement, several reports say they are expecting the unveiling for the iPhone 5 to take place at a press event on Sept. 12, a bit earlier than was originally expected (CNN). Rumors have been flying for months as to what exactly consumers can expect from the latest iPhone, with pictures and videos of what is said to be leaked footage all over the internet. Nobody's even for sure it will be called the iPhone 5; although a complaint filed by Apple over the use of the domain name indicates that it's likely (CNET). The newest iPhone is expected to be a complete redesign, with the use of newer technology helping to thin out the phone and improve the screen display. Rumors also point out a much larger screen, with a 4 inch display (TechBuffalo). To add to the anticipation, it's also thought that at the same event, Apple may announce the iPad Mini, a smaller tablet, more like the size of the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 (CNN). The unveiling of such a tablet along with the iPhone 5 could help to keep Apple in the forefront of competition, as they raked in lower earnings then were expected for the quarter. Many of the sources, including The Loop and iMore (both having an accurate record reporting Apple News),  reported that the Sept. 12 event will be "the day" for unveiling, followed by a Sept. 21st release date. Below are images of what is thought to be possible leaked designs of the iPhone 5, courtesy of 9to5 Mac and the UK Daily Mail.     Be sure to subscribe to the Slickblogs RSS Feed for behinds the scenes looks from the Slickwraps headquarters, and the latest technology and Slickwraps news!