The most recent addition to the Apple iPad family dropped earlier this year, the iPad Air 3. With the new slim design, thinner lamination and nearly 20% larger display of the screen creatives of all types are rushing to get their hands on one. We see tablets everywhere we go now, at every design studio, architectural firm, art school, the checkout at your favorite local store, or the student furiously studying.

Slickwraps has your newest devices covered! When you get that iPad Air 3 make sure you protect it from everyday wear and stand out from all the other tablets with a custom skin. That iPad used for check out can be customized with our website so you stand out from another business using the same check out method. Have a design you are extra proud of? Show it off on the iPad Air 3 with a slickwraps skin, our materials offer a smooth bubble-free installation to really do your art justice, while minimizing dings and scratches on that fresh iPad purchase.

Like all Slickwraps skins, they are made of the highest quality materials in the USA, easy to install and remove. iPad Air 3 skins are available in a large variety from a design of your own creation to our limited series like Marble, Sticker Bomb, Carbon, Wood, Stone, and Woven Metal Series.

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