You cannot go anywhere in this age without seeing hundreds of people attached to their technology – impersonal black boxes one can identify as phones, notebooks, iPads or other slick pieces of technology. The humans carrying these pieces of technology come from all walks of life, all demographics. They are as diverse in their interests and personal tastes as in their demographics. To help individualize these pieces of technology, people seek out ways to personalize their technology – some people go as simple as stickers or name tags while others are looking for something a little more unique such as iPhone cases and iPad skins. iPad SkinsiPad skins have been created to allow a personal touch to a rather impersonal device. Most skins are made of premium cast vinyl with a special adhesive that prevents bubbles during installation and leaves no residue when removed. Imagine wanting an even more personal touch to an iPad skin. Some companies are able to work with customers and take artwork or personal images or photos and create the perfect iPad skin. This is an excellent gift idea as well as a way to clearly personalize the technology –it makes it even easier to see it sitting out on a table. Similar to photos, iPad skins may be matte or glossy. Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish. It allows fingerprints and smudges to fade into the surface of the skin and gives a unique look and feel to the artwork. Glossy finish has a shiny, glossy, appearance and the colors within the artwork may seem to be more vibrant. Some companies such as Slickwraps have created a simulated carbon fiber texture that gives you a little better grip and protects iPad from scratches. Most iPad skins are meant for a one time use. They are adjustable during the application process but once they've been applied you'll stretch the skin if you remove it. Of key importance to the customer, other than personalizing the iPad skin, is that it does not interfere in any way with the use of the technology. All iPad ports and buttons must be accessible and the speakers and cameras must be unobstructed. Another consideration is that the iPad skins and cases are not too cumbersome or bulky. To protect iPads and iPhones from scratches, there are other options beside bulky cases. iPad skins can provide scratch protection and still give the customer the original sleek, light weight feel that they were attracted to. If you are looking for a unique iPad skin, SlickWraps is your premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories. Our products have been featured in many of the top online electronics magazines and techno blogs. We are constantly searching for new materials and ideas to expand our product line. We are American owned and operated and every product sent out by us is made in America – we even get as many materials as possible from local vendors. For further information or to purchase a product, contact us today!