As per usual, with all Apple products, rumors are running wild about the iPad mini. But the most recent rumor may put the others to rest. Several different sources have reported that Apple may be unveiling its iPad Mini on October 23rd at a small, invitation-only gathering. This date would come just days before Microsoft is set to release their new operating system, Microsoft 8, as well as the Surface Tablet, and one day before Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy Note 2. Unlike the iPhone 5, having a great deal of specs leaked before the actual unveiling, theres not  as much known about the newest iPad to hit the market. However, there are a few features that seem to be in agreement.  iPad Mini Tech Specs:
  • Rumored to have 7.85" screen
  • Light weight compared to its predecessors
  • Will feature the new Lightning Connector
  • Expected to have Retina Display 
  • At least 16GB storage
  • Price Tag: $250-300
If Oct. 23rd is in fact the day Apple chooses to unveil its newest tablet, it's pretty apparent they are working hard to stay in the lead of similar competition. There are already several other tablets with similar size and price on the market, and their 2012 updates could play a part in testing iPad Mini sales. CNET put together a list of what could be the top competitors:
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
2. Kindle Fire (2012)
3. Barnes and Nobles Nook HD
4. Kindle Fire HD
5. Google Nexus 7
It is reported that Apple has already purchased 10 million iPad Minis from suppliers, and if the rumors are true, Apple must not be too worried about the competition.
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