I know what you're thinking. Just when you think you've picked up the latest and greatest of the Apple products, they turn around and release something even better! I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise these days, with Apple constantly looking to upgrade and stay one step ahead of its competition. So what's the latest in the rumor mill? Apple is already looking to release a 5th generation iPad. CNET and 9to5Mac are reporting that the Japanese blog Macotakara released details of the rumored iPad; Apple has yet to comment. If true, consumers could see the newest iPad on the market by March. The newest generation of iPad could share similar features to the of the iPad Mini. Reports also point to the following key features: iPad 5
  • Thinner, lighter
  • The difference in dimensions: 4mm in height, 17mm in width, and 2mm in depth
  • White and silver and black and slate elements
Also rumored to be on it's way to the market, the iPad Mini with Retina display. All of these rumors have little back up at this point since they are so new, but would it really be any surprise to see such a quick upgrade? At this point, Apple fans can only wait and see, but surely it does leave the question in consumers minds...How long will the "older" Apple products be relevant? And moreover, do Apple owners need to worry about things like software upgrades becoming impossible for their out-of-date products? This is left to be seen. Information courtesy of: news.CNET.com, latimes.com, gizmag.com (image)

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