ipad-5-space-gray-ipad-mini-gold Another day, another Apple rumor. With Apple confirming the speculation of an unveiling event on Oct. 22, everyone is left to wonder what exactly the tech giant will be rolling out. At the moment all eyes are on the iPads. Let's take a closer look at some of the likely possibilities for Tuesday's event. The iPad 5 The next generation of iPad is expected to be the main event. Coming a year after the release of the iPad 4th Generation, the iPad 5 is expected to have some major upgrades. Based on pictures posted by Sonny Dickson, the iPad 5 is expected to take a similar design to that of the iPad Mini, with thinner edges and more rounded bezel (reviews.cnet.com). With that said, let's see exactly what the rumor mill is churning out for the much anticipated device. ipad 5
  • Expected to feature a 9.7" Retina Display
  • A thinner, easier to hold body design (1.5 cm thinner)
  • Possible touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • A7X processor
  • Upgraded camera and battery
  • Prices expected to range from: $500-$700 for wireless; $640-$930 for LTE
  The iPad Mini 2 The biggest hope for iPad Mini lovers was that Apple would upgrade the next Mini to include a Retina-display. However, current rumors are shooting down this possibility. According to reports by Reuters and Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, supply-chains problems will likely delay a Retina-Display iPad Mini until next year. With that said, there may only be minor changes to the look and functionality of the iPad Mini 2. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities: ipad mini2
  • Expected 7.9" Display
  • Possible touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • A6X SoC Processor
  • iOS 7
  • Prices expected to range from: $330-$530 for wireless; $360-$660 for LTE
  Both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are also rumored to be made available in several colors including White, Space Gray and possibly Gold. As with any Apple launch, rumors are only rumors. Fans will have to wait and see exactly what they will get from the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, but it's a safe bet that they'll do just as well as their predecessors! Information courtesy of: Gizmodo.com, reviews.cnet.com, thefullsignal.com

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