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How many times do you feel like you miss half of your vacation because your too busy trying to film it all? Ever thought it'd be much easier if you could just film everything you see...handsfree?? You're not the only one, and now Google may be your solution! Set to be released late this year or early 2014, Google Glass is revolutionary in its field. The "Smart Glasses" will be Google's attempt to mainstream wearable computer systems with a heads-up display. This meaning that consumers will not have to change their line of site or viewpoint in order to use the device. The glasses, a little "Star Treky" at first glance, allow users to record video, take pictures, use the internet and video chat...and that just scratches the surface. All of this is done with voice recognition, hands free. So let's take a closer look at what the final specs may be...

  • Aluminum strip with 2 nose pads; head mounted display
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth used to send video images to the screen
  • Bone-induction used to pick up vibration and sounds for cues
  • Will fit with existing glasses
  • Ability to: use video, camera, internet, video chat
  • Pre-sold items were sold at $1,500
  • Consumers may be looking at a final price of $750 - $800
Reception of Google Glass has been both good and bad. The tech industry has praised Google Glass, but others aren't sold. Some worry that the glasses may limit privacy more so than cell phone cameras have done. Some believe the heads-up display could be very distracting for the viewer, impairing their site, and some believe Google will use it to feed constant advertising to their consumer.   Information courtesy of:,

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