While times were looking grim for Samsung during the peak of the infamous patent trials with Apple, things seem to be looking up for the South Korean company these days. Samsung has officially announced they reached $10 million units sold within the first month of sales. Put into perspective by Android Authority, "Samsung sold four Galaxy S4’s every second since the device went on sale, 27 days ago."  An impressive feat for a company that some viewed as the smartphone-market underdog a few years ago. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though, Apple is still the reigning champ holding the title of most ever sold smartphones. They managed to sell $5 million in the first weekend after the iPhone 5 launch, and have now sold more than $55 million units. Still, it's nice to see a little competition in what was once a fairly monopolized market. The quick sales of the S4 probably aren't surprising to most, Consumer Reports are placing the new device at the top of their list as the Top Selling Smartphone. They've named features like the built-in IR feature, the split screen view on a 1080p touch-screen and the 5" display as the deciding factor. The list below rounds up the top 5.

Consumer Reports (May 2013) 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 2. LG Optimus G 3. HTC One 4. Samsung Galaxy S3 5. Apple iPhone 5   Information courtesy of: cnet.com, cnn.com, androidauthority.com, consumerreports.org

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