Who remembers The Brave Little Toaster? The ambition tale of adventurous home appliances, led by Toaster, who venture out into the world after feeling abandoned by their former owner. May have seemed like just a story at the time, but now it's real! An vision of Addicted Products by Italian designer Simone Rebaudengo, brings to life a Toaster named Brad. But this is no ordinary toaster! Brad is connected to the internet, as well as a network of other toasters. He can see how often other toasters are used, what their lives are like, and how he's being treated in his own home. He'll even try to get your attention by wiggling the start lever up and down. He can tweet a sense of happiness or abandonment, and if he gets jealous enough, he'll even go online in search of a new owner. Take a look at the experience of one of Brad's owners in the video provided by Addicted Products While this may not be a product that's going to take off anytime soon, or would be something everyone on the market would want to get their hands on, but the underlying concept is intriguing. We've already got smart TVs and smartphones, and appliances are next. This type of technology could be used for multiple reasons in the home. Take for example central air that can learn your behaviors, that knows if it turns itself down a few degrees you could save X amount of dollars. That's most certainly where technology like this is headed! Companies like LG have already started unveiling smart appliances that can help make house hold chores much more efficient. Take a look below at some of the ideas they've recently unveiled at trade shows. With a new program called HomeChat, you can literally chat with the LG appliances in your home, like you would text with any other person. LG Homechat Washer and Dryer Not sure which cycle you should run? Ask your Washer or Dryer. They can let you know when the cycle is over, or can even download a new cycle if it's not one you already have! Refrigerator Input the content of your fridge and it can find recipes for you based on what you have. Not sure if you should pick up more milk on the way home from work? Your fridge will know that too! With a touch screen display, you can do wonders from your fridge. Build a grocery list, download new recipes and set the Pandora Station to your favorite music while you cook. Vacuum Long gone are the days where you'd have to grab the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the living room yourself. If you're expecting company, simply text your vacuum cleaner and let it know, it'll do the work from there! These appliances are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Home Appliance Technology. Before you know it, your house will be able to function just fine even if your not there!   Information courtesy of:,,

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