When it comes to popular everyday accessories, it could be argued that the MacBook Pro is quickly catching up to the place of purses and briefcases as the essential everyday accessory. Men and women, young and old, professionals and students – any of these groups can be seen toting their MacBooks wherever they go. It makes sense, then, that these items should reflect our unique personal style. After all, when an individual selects a purse or briefcase, they choose one that is aesthetically appealing and meshes well with their fashion choices. Why would the same consideration not be put into the computer that we bring with us wherever we go? Custom MacBook skins are becoming a popular product, and you might not realize the variety of different types that are available. So, if you're having trouble coming up with holiday gift ideas for those lucky people in your life, consider the many wraps and skins available to you! custom macbook skins What kind of custom MacBook skins are out there? Metal, fiber, wood, and leather wraps and skins are all available for purchase through select retailers, but if you'd like a breakdown of what each of these types are, and which person on your list they might be the right choice for, well, you've come to the right place! First, there's the custom metal skin for MacBook Pro & Air. These are often made of premium material that gives your MacBook a sleek and high-end look. They also often have an Air-Channel backing that prevents air bubbles from appearing, and they will not leave behind a residue when they are removed. They can easily be applied onto your Macbook in a matter of minutes, and offer great protection from scratches and dust. Given their sleek and professional appearance, they'd likely be a good gift idea for that budding young professional in your life wants to make sure they look the part! Next, there are the custom wood skin and fiber skin for MacBook. These are both usually made from high-end materials, and prevent air bubbles and scratching as well. They have a snazzy look, often with a glowing logo visible through the material, depending on which option you select. These will give off a sturdy vibe that can be both professional, and perfect for everyday casual use. They can be applied quickly, and could be the perfect choice for a parent who just got their first MacBook Pro, or a friend who is a student, and wants dependable protection. Lastly, we have the leather skin variety of custom MacBook Skins. Do you have any fashionistas in your life? This would be the best choice for them. Sleek, fashionable, and trendy, the leather skins are made from premium materials and can offer unique style, and again, protect from dust, scratches, and air bubbles. For that trendsetter in your life, a leather custom MacBook skin might be the way to go! In life, it's often best to take any opportunity we can to show off our individuality, and our unique quirky style. Check out some custom MacBook skins and wraps today! You'll likely bring a smile to a loved one’s face, and help them express themselves in a fun and easy way this holiday season!