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The scientist aren't the only ones keeping track of geological events these days, new technologies are too! When the Napa earthquake hit California early Sunday morning, the Richter Scale measured the 6.0-earthquake as the strongest for the area in 25 years. But more unexpected technologies are offering an insight into the quake.
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The Jawbone UP, a wearable health and fitness technology, gave an idea of how the tremors traveled from the epicenter by measuring the sleep pattern of those wearing the device. Jawbone posted a compilation of statistics to their blog showing the sleep pattern of users in the effected areas. Taking a look at cities within 25 miles of the epicenter, Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, and Fairfield, 93 percent of UP users woke up at exactly the same time, around 3:20am. Traveling farther away from the epicenter in cities such as San Francisco and Oakland (25 - 50 miles), only 55 percent of users felt the effects enough to wake. The earthquake was responsible for destroying historic building and knocking out power to more than 15,ooo residents. It also caused injuries to approximately 160 people. The Jawbone statistics show 45 percent of users who woke and stayed up the rest of the night. These users could be have been those among the injured, or those helping to clean up the rubble and damage caused by the strong quake. While the findings from the Jawbone are anything but surprising, it is interesting to see some other ways we are able to see and measure the effects of natural disasters, and with new apps and add-ons constantly being introduced to wearable technology, it's inevitable that these abilities will continue to grow. The Jawbone UP So what exactly does the Jawbone do? This wearable technology is worn to help the user keep track of the daily habits and routine, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Sitting around too long without moving? The bracelet will vibrate telling you to get up and move around. Not reaching a healthy average of 10,000 steps a day? The bracelet is there to tell you this too! The bracelet is complete with a jack to connect to your smartphone, or the option of a USB to connect to your
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computer. With this, the bracelet will sync and display all of your statistics for the day. While there may be plenty more options that the Jawbone can't do just yet, take a look below to see some of the information it provides its users.

  • Measures sleep patterns (deep sleep, light sleep, awake)
  • Food and Drink Tracking
  • Activity and Step Tracking
  • Insight Engine (learns about your behaviors overtime)
The bracelet itself won't in itself make you healthier, but the information it provides makes users aware of their activity, daily food and drink intake and sleep to help them make better decisions. This in turn leading to an overall healthier lifestyle! Have any of you used the Jawbone, and has it helped you? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!   Information courtesy of:,,,,

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