Let's travel back the year is 1998, Steve Jobs and Apple have just announced the most iconic personal computer of the 90’s and early 2000’s the iMac G3. With the easy to use all in one design and signature candy-colored plastic housing Apple immediately had a hit on their hands! Flash forward to now, Apple just released the new iPhone with a nostalgic nod to the G3 in the eye-catching colors of the back glass and 6 color options. All that power and carefully designed hardware will need to be kept safe, Slickwraps understands the care and attention that went into Apple’s newest handheld and will help keep the new iPhone looking as good as the day it came out of the box.

An iPhone skin from Slickwraps is a quick and easy way to protect that beautiful candy-colored glass. Wraps protect against everyday wear and tear on that new iPhone along with eliminating greasy fingerprints on the glass surface. With the signature technology behind a Slickwraps cover, there is never any mess left when removing a skin, which makes it even easier to find the perfect fit.

As the world’s largest skin manufacture Slickwraps has the biggest selection of iPhone skins, even offering a self-healing Naked series to make protecting the iPhone nearly invisible. Dozens of other texture and color options are available along with custom design wraps, ensuring this iPhone’s style can evolve with every new skin. Slickwraps phone skins are even compatible with cases as the first line of defense against the dirt and grit that inevitably finds its way under the edges. Order an iPhone wrap today and be ready to protect that investment as soon as the box is open!

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