The rumors have been confirmed and it’s official:  iPhone is releasing both the 4.7” and 5.5” models of the iPhone 6 geared up with the incredibly durable material already decking out current models as the camera lens and home button.  Sapphire Crystal is making its mark on the industry in the format of a perfectly transparent, seemingly impossible to scratch, screen.  If we’re being literal, iPhone is putting a stop to undesirable marks in the industry, which is something we’ve all been waiting for since the first generation of iPhone rolled out in 2007.   In a video by MKBHD, the revolutionary screen is proven to be beyond scratch resistant, as a knife is driven in to it to no avail, car keys are ground against it in a failed attempt at marring the surface, and it is even bent nearly 90 degrees while pinned beneath his shoe, only to find it flawlessly intact as it is held up to the camera for inspection after his cruel, but thorough, hazing of the newest celebrity of the tech scene.  If Apple sticks to the design in the future, the need for screen protectors will be completely eliminated, buried in the past with external antennas and archaic clunky silhouettes.   Up until now, this expensive, synthetically produced material has been reserved for use on a small scale, often having been used for watch faces, military use, and shatterproof windows.  The Mohs scale gives this material an impressive “9”, exceeded by the diamond which rests at “10”.  Seeing the potential in this material, Apple made a $578 million dollar investment in Sapphire Crystal at GT Advanced Technologies, an Arizona producer of the substance prepared to raise the durability bar to an all new high.   What does this mean for iPhone users around the world?  Finally, we can all do away with the screen protectors, shatter-proofing cases, and other bulky products that take away from the ultimate beauty of the design that Apple puts extensive research in to designing for the users’ benefit.  Slim and sexy décor will be the way of the future, enhancing a carefully molded design with personalized appearance without altering the actual lines of the phone that accompanies you everywhere you go.   With the iPhone 6 slated for release in mid-September, what other surprises do you think Apple has in store for us?  Comment below to let us know your thoughts on the release.   [youtube id="5R0_FJ4r73s" width="600" height="350"