In another display of their revolutionary marketing techniques, Apple has released a television commercial highlighting the customization of MacBooks as they have become a bigger part of our every day lives than ever before. Apple is famous for their modern style of advertising, focusing on energetic images of the life-changing effects that their products have on users, but this approach focusing on how we alter our devices to fit our personal style is brand new. In recent years, many of their television advertising campaigns have focused on showing up-close views of the components of their product, including computer-generated images of the iPhones dancing their way in to existence to the tune of Indie rock music on a crisp white background. In the newest additioMacbook 540x400 2n to the collection of well-produced commercials, Apple focuses on the life and style the device takes on itself, rather than talking about the value that the MacBook offers to its users’ lives. With the laptop flipped open, the Apple emblem visible on the back of the screen, the MacBook wiggles its way through a series of costume changes. The commercial starts by dressing the apple itself up in mustaches, Mohawks, and hats, before integrating the apple in to different artistic renderings. Stickers adorn the computer, ranging from the Apple playing the role of the sun in a multitude of outdoor settings, to Scrat, the acorn-obsessed squirrel from the movie Ice Age, hauling the apple on his back as if it were his beloved acorn. The message? Your Mac, your style. As generation after generation of Apple devices pass us by, we see their lives flashing before our eyes, decorated to match whatever makes us feel passion: an element of our lives that Apple has always been enthusiastic about acknowledging. In an age where our technology has become an accessory to our lifestyle and a facilitator of our passions, how will you dress your Apple? If you have comments about the new Apple commercial and its message about the changing role of technology in our lives, share your ideas and thoughts with us below! Information courtesy of Apple  

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