Technology has made leaps and bounds over the past few decades, but there's just something about the games from our childhood that will always hold a special place in our heart; and app creaters know it! Now, you can downloads apps on your smartphone and tablet for some of the best games of your past. Ironically, these apps, installed on some of the most advanced devices on the market, use the same cheesy sound effects and simple graphics as the original arcade games, keeping them exactly the way you loved them as a kid! So what better for a throwback Thursday then to take a look at some of the games we spent hours of our day on. Let the memories come flooding back! Snake '97snake Anyone with a Nokia phone in the 90s knows exactly how addicting this game can be. The goal is simple; chase the dots on the screen to feed the snake. The more you eat the longer he grows, until you eventually hit a wall or run into your own back end! The app features the best parts of the Retro game, with a monochrome green background that looks exactly like the old Nokia phone. Test your luck to see if you can beat your old high score! iPhone app   Android app   Tetris tetrisAnother on the list of addicting entertainment is this EA game. This simple retro game of building      blocks requires you to fit together pieces in order to eliminate lines. The longer the game continues, the faster the blocks will drop. But make one simple mistake, and these blocks add up fast, and the more you panic, the faster the blocks seem to hit the stack! Make too many mistakes, your blocks will hit the ceiling and its game over. While graphics have been improved from the original, taking away from the nostalgia the game could bring, you still get some of the same music to accompany your challenge! iPhone app  Android app   froggerFrogger Dodging traffic, jumping from log to turtle; just the every day life for a frog. This app brings back the beloved 80s game, where you must survive the treacherous journey across city streets and ponds. Capture the frogs at the end to level up. The game keeps the graphics and music original, transporting you back to when you used to play as a kid! iPhone app   Android app     pingpongPing Pong   Originally introduced in the 70s, this game is the ultimate "seems easy but can be ridiculously frustrating" game! It may require less hand coordination and stamina than actually Ping Pong, but this game still requires your full attention, especially since you're trying to beat the computer. This app will take you back to the days when Ping Pong was your favorite arcade game, with a retro version full of all of the classic graphics.  iPhone app   Android app pacman Pac-Man Who didn't love Pac-Man as a kid? Now you can relive those days on your smartphone with the Pac-Man app. Roam around the maze eating pellets and avoiding the ghosts. Once you've eaten everything, you'll level up. Contrary to what it looks like, the enemies don't just randomly roam around the maze. Each ghost, with its own name (Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde), also has its own personality in the maze, keeping the game from getting too monotonous. These apps have kept the same graphics, taking you back to your arcade days! iPhone app   Android app   This list only scratches the surface of the endless fun you can have with retro games these days. But one thing's for sure, nothing beats the sites and sounds of the games that once filled some of our best childhood days! What are some of your favorite games from the past?  

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