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Google may be looking to combat its Google Glass aesthetics problems if newly filed patents have anything to say about it. While Google Glass found a niche following in tech lovers, the wearable gadget hasn't yet gained a huge backing. One problem could  be the space-age, some-what awkward look of the device. Patent images recently filed by Google show a much more natural looking pair of specs, with the screen tucked behind the frames. The display could possibly cover the entire lens.   The image below shows what the next-generation of Google Glass could entail. Image from: Image from: While aesthetics may be one problem Google is trying to overcome, the much more natural lenses could intensify a completely different problem, a legal one. Putting aside the problem of distracted driving due to the projected screen, privacy concerns could also be an issue that crops up. The Google Glass looks anything but natural, but recording by voice command with the device is much less conspicuous than pulling out your smartphone and recording. The idea of a some-what “hidden” camera can make people uncomfortable and often feel violated. Take that fear and stick it with a completely natural looking pair of glasses and you’re looking at a whole new level of concern. So what do you think of the new design? Would you rock a pair if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments below!   Information courtesy of:,,

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