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Area 51 ID Card

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Today is the Day! Wake up get prepared, before you walk out the door double-check keys, phone, wallet, ID CARD! They won’t let you on base without it, you’re part of the Area 51 Team! With 7 distinct teams and units like Shadow, Rescue, Storm, and Invasion where will you be the day of the raid?


Google may be looking to combat its Google Glass aesthetics problems if newly filed patents have anything to say about it. While Google Glass found a niche following in tech lovers, the wearable gadget hasn't yet gained a huge backing. One problem could  be the space-age, some-what awkward look of the device. Patent images recently filed by Google show a much more natural looking pair of specs, with the screen tucked behind the frames. The display could possibly cover the entire lens.


iphone 6 leak Photo Credit:
It's that time of year again, and the Apple rumor mills are at full speed. Just as expected, Apple is set to hold a media event on Sept. 9, and with very few updates to the iPhone5s and 5c last year, the tech giant is expected to unveil a completely overhauled design for the iPhone 6. We could also be looking at more than one phone unveiling. As usual, we'll ...


Technology has made leaps and bounds over the past few decades, but there's just something about the games from our childhood that will always hold a special place in our heart; and app creaters know it! Now, you can downloads apps on your smartphone and tablet for some of the best games of your past. Ironically, these apps, installed on some of the most advanced devices on the market, use the same cheesy sound effects and simple graphics as the original arcade games, keeping them exactly the way you loved them as a kid! So what better for a throwback Thursday then to take a look at some of the games we spe...

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