60 hours later, we've decided not to wrap the Nintendo Switch.

After high heat testing using our products ranging from most popular to most exotic, it is conclusive that the surface of the Nintendo switch is not adhesive friendly. We have created a time lapse video of the time our wraps sat over the weekend as well as a vinyl removal video to show what we experienced, unfiltered. Feel free to also view the accompanying photos to view the damage we witnessed after removing our test wraps.

While the Joy-Cons have not shown immediate signs of finish degradation, it became apparent when viewing both the screen as well as wrap, which the use of adhesives can remove not only the screen printed logo and FCC information, but the black finish on the unit's surface as well.

Due to our discoveries, we have ceased testing and have decided that we will not be producing wraps for the Nintendo Switch. This decision comes as a result of our commitment to only provide quality products we are confident standing behind. While we have considered offering the product along with a disclaimer for those customers who still wish to customize their devices, we as a company did not want to see our product negatively affect your device, so our decision to not wrap the Nintendo Switch will stand. That, unless changes are made to the surface that we can once again test. We will wait and see.

If you have pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch skin, please know that your order is being immediately canceled and refunded. You will also receive a personal communication with further details; please keep an eye out for that email. We thank you for your business and look forward to any developments which may allow us to wrap the Nintendo Switch in the future.